FGPI Concerns on Commercial Lobbying


Since lobbying on the issue of forensic genetics so directly affects criminal justice practices in the US and around the world, FGPI believes it is fundamentally a different arena then traditional lobbying-one that requires  any company operating in such an atmosphere, with individual rights and democratic principles at stake, to be doing so at the highest levels of honesty, fairness and transparency.  As compared to many commercial areas, the public has no reason to believe that lobbying is even occurring on issues of forensic DNA use; in fact many of the individuals that are on the front lines of forensic DNA policy are unaware of such activities, let alone their scale.   As the largest supplier of forensic DNA equipment and services in the world, FGPI has expressed very serious concerns about how Life Technologies, through its lobbying firm Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs (GTH), is lobbying globally for the expansion of forensic DNA databases.   Our letter to Life Technologies, expressing those concerns, is below.



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